Wendy Leanne Beresford


Wendy Beresford 
Emotional Wellness Trainer in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

If you just want to feel better then training in Energy EFT may be the right path for you.  

Fantastic for giving yourself a daily boost, Energy EFT works well on its own or in addition to other therapies/therapeutic tools such as reiki, mindfullness, crystal healing, NLP, counselling. 

Free yourself from stressful thoughts and worries about the future and thrive in the now, enjoying the present and creating the future you desire. 

I believe the power of Energy EFT really lies in its simplicity and in the rapid change you experience in how you feel - within just a couple of minutes you could go from feeling stressed and helpless to empowered and ready to take action. Plus, I love it because it's llighthearted, fun and creative.

If you think it sounds too good to be true, try it for yourself and see how it feels - like any therapeutic tool, you need to practice it regularly to gain a lasting effect. 

For details of training packages available (live in Cheltenham, England or by Skype) please visit my website

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